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slashfest follow ups

I've got three bunnies thanks to the two claims I took on. The first two are SGA... since I ended up with John cornering Radek in a Jumper, I was hard pressed to decide how much smut and where. To help me out I asked a friend (who doesn't know SGA) for advice and after explaining things shortly... she told me to have them "lost" in space, no one answering the calls from the command center, and the two are busy in the back of the Jumper... I'm planning to use this for a John/Carson fic eventually.

The other is a continuation for the slashfest fic... Since it starts out with John and Rodney talking about how clueless Radek is and John mentions it to Radek... well I suddenly had this idea of Radek asking Rodney about it. I can just see this filled with humour.

The last follow up bunny I got, appeared just now as I was putting down an outline for my other claim (Don Eppes/Danny Messer) and wondered what would happen if someone saw them together and asked Danny afterwards (since it's set in NY). Well... I need to write that fic first and I only got until 8th March to finish it and get it beta'ed... At least I only need to find a beta for my SGA fic since that is finished.

I got so many bunnies, but I haven't written much in the last couple of months. Although I did end up with lots of icons instead.