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JE's WiPs

the playground for my bunnies...

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Banner made by immortalje. By the way... I named my muse Beyer after one of my Professors who returned two bunnies to me that were for two stories that had a deadline coming up and didn't want to be finished. It's actually surname, but who cares. :D

This is a place where I post parts my WiPs as they're written.

Basically, I decided that it's better if I finish all my stories before posting, but sometimes I'm getting antsy and I want to know what people think about what I wrote. So I decided to open this community.

Understand that I everything I post here is not beta read, might be the only part of the idea I ever write and could potentially end up being re-written.

The final stories will be posted to my own livejournal. I considered keeping rl and writing apart, but fact is that right now I'm quite alright with how my journal is divided. If I remember to do so I might tag fics that are posted, but that's still a bit away.

Right now most of my WiPs are Harry Potter stories as it's the one fandom where I only have ideas for long stories currently. All other fandoms I dabble in are mostly covered with short stories currently.

I might also post ideas I simply had but haven't started on yet. Anything posted here belongs to me so don't steal them even if the stories aren't finished yet. If you're inspired by one of the snippets or ideas I posted please leave a comment and credit me for the idea. I usually love reading stories I had ideas for, but I don't like it if someone runs off with my idea and claims it as their own, especially if I think the idea is really original and unique... plus leaving a comment allows me to potentially read the story :D