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slashfest follow ups

I've got three bunnies thanks to the two claims I took on. The first two are SGA... since I ended up with John cornering Radek in a Jumper, I was hard pressed to decide how much smut and where. To help me out I asked a friend (who doesn't know SGA) for advice and after explaining things shortly... she told me to have them "lost" in space, no one answering the calls from the command center, and the two are busy in the back of the Jumper... I'm planning to use this for a John/Carson fic eventually.

The other is a continuation for the slashfest fic... Since it starts out with John and Rodney talking about how clueless Radek is and John mentions it to Radek... well I suddenly had this idea of Radek asking Rodney about it. I can just see this filled with humour.

The last follow up bunny I got, appeared just now as I was putting down an outline for my other claim (Don Eppes/Danny Messer) and wondered what would happen if someone saw them together and asked Danny afterwards (since it's set in NY). Well... I need to write that fic first and I only got until 8th March to finish it and get it beta'ed... At least I only need to find a beta for my SGA fic since that is finished.

I got so many bunnies, but I haven't written much in the last couple of months. Although I did end up with lots of icons instead.

SGA ideas

Since I only remembered that bunny after I already posted my 3 requests at slashfest, I'll share here.

While watching "The Siege" again, I noticed that when Rodney tells everybody at Atlantis that Peter was still on the satellite that Radek reacted quite strongly and suddenly there was this thought in my head "What's going on in Radek's head? What if Radek & Peter were dating?"

I'll see if I've got enough muse in me to write a PoV for Radek.

Then there's the constant urge to read John/Atlantis stories, but I can't really find any. I found a music vid once, but there's only the post with the link, but the file's not there anymore.

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I think Stargate: Atlantis overpowered all my other bunnies and claimed sole right for my attention.



Bashing as of my definition (since I'm not sure if it's 100% that of fandom) -- presenting a character in a bad light without good reasons. That includes hurting another character, trying to destroy relationship of another character, being mean and spiteful. Most probably OOC as well as it's more than just tidbits taken and magnified.

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I feel like having to discuss my idea for the sequel to Summer From Hell. For once, I had about a page written for it when I came to a point where it simply sounded silly and plump. Had it marked down for correcting for quite a while and a couple of weeks ago I decided not to correct it, but re-write it completely, skipping the whole scene.

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SGA idea: MPreg (John/Carson)

This is, simply copy and pasted, an outline for a SGA MPreg. I think the description is crappy (and hopefully I find time to write it BEFORE I forget what I mean)

To my thoughts:
* on a mission John is caught in a strange device scanning & rendering him unconscious
* back at atlantis, they realise he's pregnant
* translations for "stones" (in reference to most historical finds and me not knowing where they would find it with a higher developed kind) found there, speak of "Guardians" predicting two of their descendants reuniting and their child restoring a peaceful universe
=> founded the council where the Asgard, Ancient, Furlings & Nox met before a catastrophic epidemic illness killed "all" of them... children left on earth to save them --> tell the council of their high hopes for humans
=> sentient energy clouds that could take on physical forms and mostly preferred to do so => inspired Ancient for ascension(?)

HP snippet: PoA Au

I don't know what inspired me for this fic, but I instantly fell in love with it and hope that I'll find time for it. It all started with, "How does the Ministry help Harry" and I just knew that the perfect moment for it would be when Harry blew up his aunt in PoA. (and once again I make the mistake of calling Aunt Marge his aunt, when in truth it's just his cousins... need to change that in the story)

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SGA snippet: whom do I want

I think this is one of my few stories that involve some kind of John/Rodney without making Rodney really mean. It pretty much annoys me that he either doesn't play a role (which is ok) or he's pretty much getting bashed and/or made to look bad. At least those ideas aren't started yet and still only on paper.

I mean, he could be seen in a bad light as well, but in this one his actions can actually be explained by his persona. John's making advances and Rodney eventually realizes it, but keeps pretending to be oblivious since he loves the feeling. He plans to eventually react and imagines all kind of scenes (as we find out later on).

However, most of the story is from John's PoV as he keeps failing in getting Rodney, no matter how obvious he is. As a last resort he asks Carson for help and when he once again fails, Carson comforts him. Things happen (no smut though) and John gets to thinking, realizing Carson is available and willing.

I'm thinking of getting a Rodney/Radek pairing in as well, but am open for any other suggestions. It's set during the first season, but no specific spoilers.

my notes for what to write might repeat or already be written as I typed what I had written on paper inbetween what already existed in the file and I tend to keep forgetting to delete appropriately and it's too late at night for me to know what to delete and what not.

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This is a second series of John/Carson ficlets with a pre-series established pairing...

The question is should I really write both or do only one as they're prone to repeating itself. I'll have to see what I do about it... maybe only of them is going to be used for a series of ficlets and the other's going to be a stand alone.

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HP snippet: Master Flitwick

This was inspired by reading a story where Flitwick turns out to be Harry's father and while this won't happen in my story, it cause me to want to write a story where Harry and Flitwick have a close relationship (in this case master/apprentice)

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A nice snippet out of a planned series of bunnies where John/Carson has been established pre-Rising. Before going on with that I'll need to re-watch Rising (where's the time?) since it heavily relies on the confrontation between Carson and John about the chair... My memory isn't the best when it comes to remembering details and I want to keep it as close as possible.

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