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Doctor Who bunnies en masse

Instead of studying for an exam tomorrow, I'll be doing a Doctor Who bunny dump. I'll try to keep the ideas linear (meaning where they're set within the timeline) and will do a cut for anything involving Journey's End and anything else requiring spoilers (including a big fat note within the post)

I'm not sure if I ever posted a Torchwood/Doctor Who idea here, so I might be repeating myself.


The first idea, which I've written a beginning for is set during/at the end of The Christmas Invasion. Assuming that the trio didn't return to earth after the events of Boomtown (and really, as long as Jack is with them he'd know when he could contact Jackie and Mickey, but Boomtown seems convenient) he gets in contact with Mickey and through him with Jackie. He tells them what happened after Boomtown (their last meeting) and tells them that the Doctor originally sent Rose back home alone, but something happened and he was left behind while the TARDIS left with the Doctor.
Knowing that is actually the reason why Jackie ends up helping Rose to open the TARDIS. They let Jack know that Rose was there and is gone again and the waiting begins. When Rose appears with the new Doctor, Jackie takes a moment to call Jack (without Rose knowing - possibly while she's shopping with Mickey) who then hurries to London.
I'm not sure if it was simply a fic or if Jack truly was on the buildings as well, but I'm going to use that bit... so Jack arrives in London only to end up on the closest building that is high enough.
After everything is over and while Jackie's busy with Christmas dinner, Jack calls her and asks about what happened. Jackie invites him (after Jack mentions that he's in London) and Jack gets all nervous about meeting the Doctor...

That's all this bunny is telling me. I'm not sure if I let Jack go to the TARDIS first and talk with the Doctor or check in on Rose and Jackie before finding the Doctor picking out new clothes (which would actually be more logical as he wouldn't know where the Doctor might be otherwise).

The real question is, if Jack ends up traveling with them again. Especially in light of Jack being called wrong by the Doctor.
Actually, after having this written down, I can see both versions ending shortly after that instead of one being a huge story - and me not having finished a long story in over a year.


The idea behind this was inspired by a fic where Jack shags the Doctor for comfort after Last Of The Time Lords and leaves me with a tiny little time problem.
There are many fics written after the episode where Jack was gone for weeks and that would really be needed for this fic (unless I want to make Ianto an even bigger ass which I don't want to do), but from what I've seen I had been under the impression that they originally landed four days after they last landed (when Jack jumped onto the TARDIS) and only a handful of days (24 hours?) passed between that and them ending up on the Valiant the same day they end up going back to. So really, he should have only been gone for a couple of days - unless you count in week long repairs, but I don't think Jack wouldn't have at least called in that instant or the others trying to call him - after all he must have been visible on TV.

On to the bunny though. It's not really Ianto friendly, but I still hope it would be possible to actually write it without making Ianto a real ass, but a hurt person who's cracked a bit further than is healthy (if that makes sense).
The premise is that Ianto is dating Owen and everybody believes that Jack knows and is trying to win Ianto back by asking him out. In truth, Jack doesn't know and Ianto agrees to all dates only to stand him up. They also continue their sexual relationship.
I can see so many reasons why Ianto would keep that change from Jack - he doesn't want to give him up, but knows Owen is better for him or in an insane way to show Jack what it's like to be a stand in (that's where the heartbroken comes in - and who wouldn't want a bit of revenge for being left behind like that?) and other ways that are perfectly plausible (if actually weeks have gone by)
The story practically sets in when Jack finds out he's pregnant (again) and realises that the Doctor is the father. Bad luck... not the thing he wants to do (telling his lover that he got week, had a "goodbye shag" and ended up pregnant without losing that lover). That all becomes relevant when he wants to call Ianto to his office only to catch him in the act with Owen (neither Owen nor Ianto notices). He also, potentially, realises that everybody thought he knew about them - with the exception of Ianto who knew better.

What next? Getting in touch with the Doctor to share the (good) news and making a decision about leaving Torchwood or not (and actually making it official by picking a new leader, leaving contact information and giving a bit of an explanation). There's a lot of conflict potential... Ianto/Jack fighting, the rest fighting, Jack/Doctor fighting (and eventually arranging themselves for the sake of the child).


Inspired by Time Crash and me being impossible, I wondered last night - what would happen if Ten and Jack travel and meet Nine and Jack by chance -- Yes I thought foursome. Although, originally, it was just a threesome with just one Jack.
Thinking about it now, the threesome might be better taking Father's Day into account where Rose wasn't allowed to touch baby!Rose.




An introspective piece on the Doctor (and potential to Left Behind) only with actual talking would be the human!Doctor telling Rose about his thoughts to explain the real!Doctor's reasoning behind leaving them together and effectively trapping them.


This one, most likely won't be written by me. We know that the Doctor is eventually going to travel with Professor Song... what better time than now? Distraction, someone who didn't need to know the truth and wouldn't get too attached and might give him problems - since he knows what's going to happen. Someone where he can pretend that everything is alright and easy? Kind of like a rebound.


I really, really need to write Ten/Rose/Ten smut! For that matter - Ten/Jack/Ten as well.

EIGHT - no spoilers no more

Decided to add this one after all. I don't think I'm going to write it - too many chances to make this Mary Sue.
I figured, what if Jack had been pregnant on the Gamestation and gave birth to a girl 6 month later (in 1869) and despite his best intentions his daughter (named after Rose :D) hates the Doctor because he left Jack behind and effectively broke his heart (exaggerating what we saw in Fragments, let's say Jack originally wasn't that fit to raise a kid and was dead or drunk (story telling time) most of the time) and she ends up really protective of him.

This usually ends up as (to me) a really fun get together where the Doctor is stumped and doesn't understand the world (universe) anymore while trying to save the earth or - my latest obsession - said daughter realising how she can save Gallifray and doing just that. Helpful in that case, that Bad Wolf changed her enough to be able to access some of the power and/or as a vessel capable of surviving it (fetus - everything still developing when Jack's made immortal).

That would be a real kick ass girl - being raised in the late 19th century by someone from the 51st with two adventurers as parents and being named after a third (and daddy's little princess where daddy can't say no :D). As a matter of fact. Torchwood meeting that girl would be fun, preferable before introductions are made - Owen trying a come on not realising the trouble he's going to be in...