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HP idea(s)

I had been randomly searching through ff.net (using the word 'lies' and Harry Potter as first character while switching the second one around) and came upon a fic that had a really interesting summary that sparked an idea (the fic in itself which I read after writing the idea down, was brilliant as well)

The fic was about Petunia and Harry secretly getting along and had (quoting from memory) the line "but why does he lie to his friends" in the summary.

Naturally, I made it into a Manipulative!Dumbledore story. Dumbledore told the Dursleys to treat Harry badly and Petunia doesn't agree with. However, she knows that she needs to keep up appearances or get in trouble with Dumbledore. Harry friends are (mostly) fake as well.

I know that Ron will be fake and Ginny as well. They're either to explain being fake as they're magical. Hermione isn't though and I doubt Dumbledore expected her to befriend Harry. Many (and I like the reasoning) say Hermione would betray/spy/whatever on Harry because of her admiration for teachers/adults. I could imagine her initially not realising what she is doing is wrong, but eventually she will question it because her loyalty to Harry is stronger (what with him being her first friend). She certainly could bring a whole lot of information to Harry and Petunia once she comes clean.

There's also something else, which might or might not get it's own fic... Harry overhears Ron and Hermione talk about using him for their own advantages, even going so far as to put Ginny in a good light, saying she doesn't like what they're doing.
A couple of hours later, Harry sits in the common room, pretty angry, doing school work/reading/whatever and Hermione comes up to him, asking if he had seen her brush. Harry is short with her (which Hermione fights hard to ignore) until she mentions borrowing it to Ginny. Harry (logically!) figures out that it wasn't Hermione talking with Ron, but Ginny disguised as Hermione. (Test run or did they know he was already watching? If it's a test run, there might have been things the real Hermione wouldn't have done)
Harry somehow tests Hermione, to make sure she isn't a part of it and tells her what he heard.
Why was Ginny portrayed positive? She wants to be Mrs. Harry Potter and getting Hermione away was a first step (independent of this being Harry/Hermione or not)