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another DW bunny

This is going to majorly AU. I read a story once where Jack caught the TARDIS in Parting Of Ways and one (most probably the same) where he reminded the Doctor and Rose about how they should behave in Tooth and Claw so they would fit in.

Now, that certainly has merit and I need to figure out how to do that without being too similar about that Tooth and Claw part. What I figured is that everything happens the same until the Christmas Invasion. Jack has lived a century on Earth already, I'm sure he looked up Rose. He remembers when they were in Cardiff and knows that they weren't back to earth after that. It would be a logical conclusion that the next time the Doctor comes to earth will be after that and Rose would want to visit her mother. Best of all, Mickey knows Jack by then as well.
So what stops him from contacting them and asking them to call him when the Doctor comes back? About Rose coming back without the Doctor... we could just say that things happened way too fast for anybody to call Jack, but they tell him afterwards and together they wait for the Doctor and Rose to return.
Everything done, he comes either while the Syccorax (sp?) are still there or sometime after the situation is resolved (got to check if we know his blood type or if anything in that regard was mentioned). After the (not so) happy reunion, they're traveling again. Or, in a way to avoid Tooth and Claw similarities, I could have Jack stay on earth to get everything at Torchwood 3 in order and join them for School Reunion. Now that'd be interesting if Jack was there as well. The flirting with Sarah Jane on Jack's part and double the worry for Rose (knowing that the Doctor left Jack behind and why)

There was another idea, but it seems to be gone (and a different one to toy with has come instead, but that's for another day)