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DW bunny

So I just thought the DW Confidential for the first ep of Season 3 and for some reason, I bunnied myself for an AU of Doomsday... By the way, I've only seen Season 2 up to Girl In The Fireplace yet (+ the first episodes of season 3 + 4). Seems I keep getting inspired by things I haven't seen yet. Not that it matters, I've read enough reunion fics and watched enough fanvids to understand the gist of it (not to mention spoilers)

Anyway... I think the most important bit of this post is the bunny in itself, so I better get to it...

From fics I read I take it that Rose doesn't remember what happened after she looked into the Time Vortex, but what if she does and/or left herself a message, namely what would happen at the battle of Canary Wharf and influences the events enough, so that she doesn't end up in the parallel universe?

Another idea is similar to a fic I read where Rose said No when the Doctor propositioned her in Schoolreunion where she talkes with Mickey about it and the Doctor "catches" them and thinks they're back together. Now before and especially after this I had two ideas about the episode Girl In The Fireplace. I think one I already wrote about in a previous post (about Rose being pregnant and the Doctor being a fool) and the other is that Rose didn't say No, but that she needed time and the Doctor interprets it all wrong.

Those two keep me happy in my mind. Although, I should mention that I've only written Harry Potter lately and only on paper. Where are my writing muses? The bunnies are plentyful, but I'm still not writing.