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HP snippet/idea

Just found this little one... (and am in love all over again). It's about Harry's inheritance being kept from him and how he evolves after finding out. The snippet is the beginning and how he finds out.

Summary: By accident and despite the intentions of everybody, Harry finds a book that teaches him a lot about his true role in the wizarding world. With this new knowledge, he decides some changes might be necessary. Only not even he had thought that it would be quite so many.

* Hogwarts curriculum and teaching standards
* Ministry structure and checks
* laws repelled
* old alliances formed again (vampires, centaurs,…)
* "clubs" for grown ups (e.g. young mothers, Hogwarts parents, Defence,…)


Chapter 1: The Book

Harry was sitting lonely in the library. Ron and Hermione were at a Prefect Meeting and for once, he wasn't busy with one of Umbridges detentions or Occlumency lessons with Snape. Instead he was browsing through books that might be helpful for his History homework. They had a free choice of topic, which made it quite difficult. Normally it wasn't too difficult to find something on the topic they were given, but now he had to actually find a topic to write about.

Harry frowned at the books, when they switched from historical things to random topics until one particular caught his interest. It was called "Political Inheritance". He didn't know what pulled him to the book, but he just knew that he needed to take a look at it. Forgetting about his original search, he took the book and headed back to his table.

Just as he was about to emerge from the rows of shelves Dobby appeared in front of him and whispered urgently, "Master Harry Potter, sir, must not be seen with this book. The Headmaster has forbidden him to see it."

"Why would the Headmaster forbid me to read this book? I didn't inherit anything political, did I? I mean, how could I?" asked Harry confused.

This had the strangest effect on Dobby, as his eyes widened and he pulled at his ears before saying, "Harry Potter doesn't know? You must read the book. It tells everything. Dobby will put a copy back on the shelf. Nobody must know that you know about it."