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A bit off topic, but since I'm currently spending 90% of my creative fandom time on icon making, I figured I can do a little pimp here! Especially since I'm taking the daring step of joining the fun :D

Join TorchwoodLIMS.

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--> Now if only my writing muse (or at the very least my typing (up) muse) would return so I can get some work done on my writing challenges... not to mention the countless other plotbunnies running around in my head and that sequel I about promised to one reader for "Saving A Child"


Doctor Who bunnies en masse

Instead of studying for an exam tomorrow, I'll be doing a Doctor Who bunny dump. I'll try to keep the ideas linear (meaning where they're set within the timeline) and will do a cut for anything involving Journey's End and anything else requiring spoilers (including a big fat note within the post)

I'm not sure if I ever posted a Torchwood/Doctor Who idea here, so I might be repeating myself.

one - Christmas InvasionCollapse )
two - mid season 2 TW setting, MPREGCollapse )
three - inspired by Time Crash, smutCollapse )
four to seven - Journey's End SPOILERCollapse )
eight - not spoilery anymore... very AUCollapse )


HP idea(s)

I had been randomly searching through ff.net (using the word 'lies' and Harry Potter as first character while switching the second one around) and came upon a fic that had a really interesting summary that sparked an idea (the fic in itself which I read after writing the idea down, was brilliant as well)

The fic was about Petunia and Harry secretly getting along and had (quoting from memory) the line "but why does he lie to his friends" in the summary.

Naturally, I made it into a Manipulative!Dumbledore story. Dumbledore told the Dursleys to treat Harry badly and Petunia doesn't agree with. However, she knows that she needs to keep up appearances or get in trouble with Dumbledore. Harry friends are (mostly) fake as well.

I know that Ron will be fake and Ginny as well. They're either to explain being fake as they're magical. Hermione isn't though and I doubt Dumbledore expected her to befriend Harry. Many (and I like the reasoning) say Hermione would betray/spy/whatever on Harry because of her admiration for teachers/adults. I could imagine her initially not realising what she is doing is wrong, but eventually she will question it because her loyalty to Harry is stronger (what with him being her first friend). She certainly could bring a whole lot of information to Harry and Petunia once she comes clean.

There's also something else, which might or might not get it's own fic... Harry overhears Ron and Hermione talk about using him for their own advantages, even going so far as to put Ginny in a good light, saying she doesn't like what they're doing.
A couple of hours later, Harry sits in the common room, pretty angry, doing school work/reading/whatever and Hermione comes up to him, asking if he had seen her brush. Harry is short with her (which Hermione fights hard to ignore) until she mentions borrowing it to Ginny. Harry (logically!) figures out that it wasn't Hermione talking with Ron, but Ginny disguised as Hermione. (Test run or did they know he was already watching? If it's a test run, there might have been things the real Hermione wouldn't have done)
Harry somehow tests Hermione, to make sure she isn't a part of it and tells her what he heard.
Why was Ginny portrayed positive? She wants to be Mrs. Harry Potter and getting Hermione away was a first step (independent of this being Harry/Hermione or not)


DW idea

That went quick, but the second idea I mentioned in the last post came back. When it comes to season two I've only seen up to Satan Pit yet, but I've read enough post Doomsday fics to be inspired.
I've seen a couple of fics where Rose still has some of the Time Vortex in her and that suddenly struck a thought... What if Rose needed to be around the TARDIS/Time Vortex to survive? Let's say she has a "buffer" of maybe a week in which things are fine, but for longer than that and Rose starts getting ill.
One thing that's open about it is how quickly Rose will decline and if it's obvious when the Doctor tells her goodbye on that beach. I mean, do Rose and everybody else already know what's wrong or that it's more than a flue or something like that.


another DW bunny

This is going to majorly AU. I read a story once where Jack caught the TARDIS in Parting Of Ways and one (most probably the same) where he reminded the Doctor and Rose about how they should behave in Tooth and Claw so they would fit in.

Now, that certainly has merit and I need to figure out how to do that without being too similar about that Tooth and Claw part. What I figured is that everything happens the same until the Christmas Invasion. Jack has lived a century on Earth already, I'm sure he looked up Rose. He remembers when they were in Cardiff and knows that they weren't back to earth after that. It would be a logical conclusion that the next time the Doctor comes to earth will be after that and Rose would want to visit her mother. Best of all, Mickey knows Jack by then as well.
So what stops him from contacting them and asking them to call him when the Doctor comes back? About Rose coming back without the Doctor... we could just say that things happened way too fast for anybody to call Jack, but they tell him afterwards and together they wait for the Doctor and Rose to return.
Everything done, he comes either while the Syccorax (sp?) are still there or sometime after the situation is resolved (got to check if we know his blood type or if anything in that regard was mentioned). After the (not so) happy reunion, they're traveling again. Or, in a way to avoid Tooth and Claw similarities, I could have Jack stay on earth to get everything at Torchwood 3 in order and join them for School Reunion. Now that'd be interesting if Jack was there as well. The flirting with Sarah Jane on Jack's part and double the worry for Rose (knowing that the Doctor left Jack behind and why)

There was another idea, but it seems to be gone (and a different one to toy with has come instead, but that's for another day)


DW bunny

So I just thought the DW Confidential for the first ep of Season 3 and for some reason, I bunnied myself for an AU of Doomsday... By the way, I've only seen Season 2 up to Girl In The Fireplace yet (+ the first episodes of season 3 + 4). Seems I keep getting inspired by things I haven't seen yet. Not that it matters, I've read enough reunion fics and watched enough fanvids to understand the gist of it (not to mention spoilers)

Anyway... I think the most important bit of this post is the bunny in itself, so I better get to it...

From fics I read I take it that Rose doesn't remember what happened after she looked into the Time Vortex, but what if she does and/or left herself a message, namely what would happen at the battle of Canary Wharf and influences the events enough, so that she doesn't end up in the parallel universe?

Another idea is similar to a fic I read where Rose said No when the Doctor propositioned her in Schoolreunion where she talkes with Mickey about it and the Doctor "catches" them and thinks they're back together. Now before and especially after this I had two ideas about the episode Girl In The Fireplace. I think one I already wrote about in a previous post (about Rose being pregnant and the Doctor being a fool) and the other is that Rose didn't say No, but that she needed time and the Doctor interprets it all wrong.

Those two keep me happy in my mind. Although, I should mention that I've only written Harry Potter lately and only on paper. Where are my writing muses? The bunnies are plentyful, but I'm still not writing.


HP snippet/idea

Just found this little one... (and am in love all over again). It's about Harry's inheritance being kept from him and how he evolves after finding out. The snippet is the beginning and how he finds out.

click here for snippetCollapse )


TW idea

So, it's been a while since I've crawled through fannish journals/communities for anything more than fic (and any fandoms aside from Doctor Who, Harry Potter and/or Heroes), and while deciding to print some of my own stories out (since I'm not writing at the computer anyway) I found an "old" idea for Torchwood.

how the bunny came into existanceCollapse )

Now that's the introduction to the bunny is over, let's get to the actual outline I did for it:

the bunnyCollapse )


random HP idea

It's been a while since I posted anything, but bunnies have been rare and I'm not overly motivated when it comes to writing. Today I figured I might post an idea I had for some time but have never seen in a fic.

I'm not sure about the timing, but the bunny told me it's set at a time when the Ministry becomes bad enough to strictly regulate who's allowed to do what and possibly limit who's allowed at Hogwarts (without it being Voldemort like in DH)
Now, Harry fed up with it and rich enough to actually pull it off, declares Wales (or wherever else I decide on) an independent state with it's own school etc. Just in the wizarding world though, it's not going to have an effect on the muggles.

The possibilities I could play with. Building up ties with other governments, the crappy relations to the rest of the magical UK, founding a new school (and teaching both muggle and wizarding classes, making it an exclusive school)

I really want to start on it, but my muse just won't allow it. Not with how many WiPs I've got lying around anyway.


So, I've been trying to work on the sequels to Soulmates and Summer From Hell. I'm lacking inspiration for the first one... aside from the fact, that I'm currently not working on any of my mpreg ideas. As for the latter, the focus of this post,... I know what I want to write. I want to confront Hogwarts with a confident Harry, have him be good in school and find new friends.

There's just one problem. I've got two different versions of the beginning and am considering re-writing it yet again.

The first started with Harry and Neville sharing a compartment and talking about what happened until I eventually lacked a cross to actually get to Hogwarts.

The second one starts at the welcoming fest, with mentions to a fight between Hermione, Ron and Harry just outside of Hogwarts that leads to a subdued atmosphere at the table and a "House decision" where the students in their year discuss the arguments, listen to both sides and decide with whom their going to decide. I wrote that one as well (although I think it's pretty crappy) and theoretically I have a good way to go on. It's just that I don't like the air it produces anymore. I've kind of written Ron and Hermione out of the story (ie everybody will be friendly with them as long as they behave peaceful). Theoretically, I could make them act up, but I think they don't want to jeopardize their current status quo.

It's as if my plot has run away. There's no real conflict and I don't feel like writing about defeating Voldemort. Not in this story. I could possibly let it focus on preparing for life after Hogwarts, but would that really be interesting? Better question, would it be enough plot to fill the story? I could try and redeem some Slytherin's and unite Hogwarts, but wouldn't that be a bit much?

I can see the bunnies returning... I just had the thought of uniting Harry with lost relatives. It could be his parents returning (and for once it'd be one that's not Harry/Ginny as every story of this kind seems to be) or even his grandparents. I'm not going with other relatives though, as that'd involve OCs.